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1 :無学:01/12/17 00:24 ID:ZT85czAC
“Come, sister, come!"(it said,or seem'd to say)
“Thy place is here, sad sister,come away!
“Once like thyself, I trembled,wept,and pray'd,
“Love's victim then, tho' now a sainted maid:
“But all is calm in this eternal sleep;
“Here grief forgets to groan,and love to weep,
“Ev'n superstition loves ev'ry fear:
“For God,not man, absolves our frailties here.”
 I come,I come!prepare your roseate bow'rs,
Celestial palms, and ever-blooming flow'rs.
Thither, where sinners may have rest, I go,
Where flames refin'd in breasts seraphic glow:
Thou, Abelard! the last sad office pay,
And smooth my passage to the reams of day;
See my lips tremble, and my eye-balls roll,
勧められた英詩なんですが、読めません全く。題名は“ELOISA TO ABELARD"といってPope

2 :名前はいらない:01/12/17 14:45 ID:???

3 :名前はいらない:01/12/18 01:18 ID:???
―来い、女よ、来るのだ! (それは言った または言うように見えた)




4 :3:01/12/18 01:19 ID:???

5 :名前はいらない:01/12/19 15:35 ID:dZz8JrFQ
“Thy場所が、ここに、 「来てください 姉妹 来る !」(それは言ったか、または、seemは、言うためにしました) あること、悲しい姉妹 向こうに来る !
その時の「昔 thyself 、私は震えたことがあり、泣き、prayはしました」愛情の犠牲者、現在のtho' 聖人の列に加えられた女中 :
“ けれども この永遠なスリープにおいてすべてが静かである ;
“ ここでは、悲嘆は、うなることを忘れて、泣くように愛してください。“Ev'n迷信はev'ry恐怖を愛しています:
私は 「人ではなく、神のために、ここに私達の弱点を免除します。」 来、私は来ます !prepare あなたのバラ色のbow'rs、天のヤシ、およびかつて開花flow'rs 。

6 :3:01/12/19 18:25 ID:mk12P/9I

7 :3:01/12/19 18:38 ID:urRRS4Nt
Alexander Pope


8 :名前はいらない:01/12/24 18:33 ID:???
           , ⌒⌒\  ∧
          ((ll.l__ll))) .) |)丶  ∧    ヒッサツ ギュウトウ ニトウリュウ ダァ
           ((l ロ-ロl) |)ノ  |)丶
            ヽ ∀ノ  lξ)   |)ノ   ヒヒヒヒヒ
          /⌒^ ̄` ̄ ̄/ ̄~( ̄ ヽ,
          / ゝー′-ー″ーー ` '
         /l   / ./_ノ
        /    //.
       . し〜' ⌒\
        l   y   l
        丶/  / 、
        (.._ 人  \
/././ // ./   ゝ   l  / / /
././ / .ヽ_/   l  / ./ / / /
./ / / /  ( ヽ/ / / / /
 / / / / /ヽ_`, / / / /
  / / / / /  / / / / /
   / / / /  / / / / / /

9 :名前はいらない:02/02/05 02:46 ID:???

10 :Taoh Pedophilous ◆TaohXHCE :02/02/15 13:34 ID:???
一応 >>3 です。

―来い、女よ、来るのだ! (それは言った または言うように見えた)

11 :供呂部梓:02/04/04 22:02 ID:???

12 : :02/04/07 17:00 ID:???

13 :ALL THAT I NEEDED (WAS YOU):02/04/10 20:50 ID:uV2X6yRm
I used think I was so smart
But I could't hide the hole im heart
Sad as it seems none of my dreams
Ever came true

I used to walk the avenue
All by myself with notin'to do
kick'in at cans,half of man
Till met you, and I knew

I've looked for you all of my life
Round every corner
Wishin'on stars
Like some kind of fool,ooh ooh
But now I see the stars in your eyes
Those days are over
I took heaven in you

And though my dreams was overdue
My prayer was answered out of the bluem
And now I know, I know it's true
All that I needed was you...

14 :EIGHT MERODIES:02/04/10 20:52 ID:uV2X6yRm
Take a melody
simole as can be
Give it some words
and sweet harmony
Raise your voiceis
All day long now
love grows storng now
Sing a melody of love, oh love.

Love is the power
Love is the glory
Love is the beauty
and the joy of sprin.
Love is the magic
Love is the Story
Love is the Melody
We all can sing.

15 :The End Of The World :02/04/10 21:23 ID:???

Why does the sun go on shining?

Why does the sea rush to shore?

Don't they know it's the end of the world

'Cause you don't love me anymore?

Why do the birds go on singing?

Why do the starts glow above?

Don't they know it's the end of the world

It ended when I lost your love

I wake up in the morning and I wonder

Why ev'rything is the same as it was

I can't understand, no, I can't understand

How life goes on the way it does!

Why does my heart go on beating?

Why do these eyes of mine crying?

Don't they know it's the end of the world?

It ended when you said goodbye

Don't they know It's the end of the world?

It endend when you said goodbye

16 :SMILE:02/04/10 22:33 ID:???
Smile though you heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by

Smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tommorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll see that life is still worth while for you

17 :TRUST IN ME:02/04/10 22:43 ID:???
Trst in me, just in me
Close your eyes and trust in me

You can sleep safe and sound
Knowing I am around

Slip into silent slumber
Sail on a silver mist
Slowly but surely your senses will cease to resist

Trust in me, just in me

Slip into silent slumber
Sail on a silver mist
Slowly but surely your senses will cease to resist
Trust im me, just im me
Close your eyes and trust in me
Close your eyes and trust in me

18 :DQN FROM USA:02/04/10 23:38 ID:hGVLihz7
『I was born to be DQN』

People call me DQN
People call me DQN
I smoke as a DQN, drink as a DQN, get baked as a DQN.
What the Fuck I created. What the Fuck I attained.
What the Fuck am I hearing? What the Fuck I am.

All I made, yes, It's All I made. But I guess, my honey.
You know that I'm just a DQN without you, my baby. My DQN-BABY.

19 :名前無しさん:02/04/17 23:05 ID:???

Take,Take my time
Cover,Cover my ears

It’s bigger fireworks

Hey,boys fire the countryside where you don’t know


Steal,Steal a bicycle

Feel,Feel the music

Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing you can do


I saw you in my dreams

The world changes

I don’t know what we can do

I don’t know, I don’t know why!!


’Cause I get everything I’ve done

I’ll biring it all here and check it again

If no one can remind, If no−one can return

Fly higher than the stars


20 :名前無しさん:02/04/17 23:07 ID:???
Want to ride my bicycle
I Want to ride my bicycle


I heard rumor about you

You don’t know it meens to me,yeah

(Now I have)made up my mind over you

To get a groovy feeling is what I need


It’s time to say Good−bye

A breeze is blowing to the sea

I hear the waves washing off everything softly


Want to ride my bicycle

I Want to ride my bicycle


21 :名前はいらない:02/04/23 13:58 ID:sJZbmMrv

O WIND, rend open the heat,
cut apart the heat,
rend it to tatters.

Fruit cannot drop
through this thick air-
fruit cannot fall into heat
that presses up and blunts
the points of pears
and rounds the grapes.

Cut through the heat-
plow through it
turning it on either side
of your path.


22 :名前はいらない:02/04/23 14:03 ID:sJZbmMrv

23 :名前はいらない:02/04/23 21:05 ID:LS4/2nYE






24 :名前はいらない:02/04/24 17:46 ID:8bZ4aJmN
>>23 ありがとうございます。なんとなく分かった気がします。それにしても

25 :名前はいらない:02/04/24 18:10 ID:8bZ4aJmN

My Son My Executioner
Donald Hall

My son, my executioner,

I take you in my arms,

Quiet and small and just astir,

And whom my body warms.

Sweet death, small son, our instrument

Of immortality,

Your cries and hunger document

Our bodily decay.

We twenty-five and twenty-two,

Who seemed to live forever,

Observe enduring life in you

And start to die together.


26 :23(名前はいらない):02/04/24 18:23 ID:BGM1DU1V

27 :名前はいらない:02/05/27 02:40 ID:???

28 :名前はいらない:02/05/27 02:43 ID:???

Geisha Sukiyaki Sushi Taiko
Sex AA Eigotte Tsukarerune!

29 :煩悩超特急 ◆FUCK/JMs :02/05/28 03:05 ID:khdiGvV4
『Funny Sunday』

Sunday.A fine Sunday.
I'd been down.
Alcohol sank me.
Fuckin' train running.
Rotten brain ringing.

Chainsaw going and returning,
Jason&Chucky have a hike on me.
Yeah,It's Sunday.Very fine Sunday.
Take me with you my friends.

I went on a hike on myself.
Lunchbox is my head.
Jason,Chucky,Here you are.
My brain tastes like an apple.
Hello,my lovely Headache.
Hello,my lovely vomit.
You're my son,my daughter,colorful vomit.

Hello and fuck off.
Leave me.

Need no light,no dream,no music.
Give me water.Love me tender.

30 :煩悩超特急 ◆FUCK/JMs :02/05/28 03:07 ID:???

31 :名前はいらない:02/05/28 07:16 ID:???
>>28 sexって何だよ

32 :名前はいらない:02/05/29 21:09 ID:???
To be ten made
To be...

33 :天竺 ◆FUCK/JMs :02/06/08 04:32 ID:???
『A Human or Monkey Being』

Your black doughnut,and sugar,
I remember about last night――
Standing by the Loo.
And My sausage pissing,hit-miss-hit-miss――

Shit.What a risk.
My jeans weeping or juiced.

Your black doughnut,and sugar.
Give your son all your love.
Give your love.
Yeah,mouth to mouth.
Well,penis to mouth?
I'm sure you would if you had a penis.

This phrases pleased me.

Dig your smart think tank with a pooper-scooper.
Banana Oil on your mouth,Banana in your doughnut.
It's all that you are.Banana and Oil,bitch-monkey.

34 :天竺 ◆FUCK/JMs :02/06/08 04:36 ID:???

35 :天竺 ◆FUCK/JMs :02/06/08 04:48 ID:???








36 :天竺 ◆FUCK/JMs :02/06/08 05:00 ID:???



37 :名前はいらない:02/06/12 02:13 ID:???

38 :名前はいらない:02/06/12 03:47 ID:???

39 :chieko aryai pooh:02/06/12 12:19 ID:???

40 :名前はいらない:02/06/12 15:51 ID:q28sj3IK



41 : http:// kbj2.iam.ne.jp.2ch.net/:02/06/12 17:33 ID:wEoaz4lt

42 :名前はいらない:02/06/12 18:02 ID:???

43 :名前はいらない:02/06/13 02:08 ID:???
It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here
And I'm almost obliged to you for making it clear that I'm not here
And I never knew the moon could be so big
And I never knew the moon could be so blue
And I'm grateful that you threw away my old shoes
And brought me here instead dressed in red

And I'm wondering who could be writing this song
I don't care if the sun don't smile
And I don't care If nothing is mine
And I don't care if I'm nervous with you
I'll do my loving in the winter

And the sea isn't green
And I love the queen,
And what exactly is a dream?
And what exactly is a joke?

44 :天竺 ◆FUCK/JMs :02/06/13 02:27 ID:???

45 : :02/06/14 21:53 ID:V1Vx0qCd
It is a side glance about the flower vase put on the desk
Although it also becomes bored, it turns a blind eye
I am petrified alone
A cold wind burns a chrysanthemum

Giddiness unnecessarily memorized in the bent room
So everything was able to be twisted

Red voice and a young eye
A dimple is made on this rusted cheek.
It is so easy to come out
Me who should love with you who should hate
Although it is alive to be sure
I am a male
Since you are also a male

While looking at the drawing-pin stretched by the chair
Laughter is borne although it also becomes bored
I stand still alone
The wind which began to get dry dries this throat

Feeling which rots, so that it is fearful distorted
So everything was out of order

Red voice and the low back
A dimple is minced on this cheek reduced utterly
It is so easy to come out
Me who should love with you who should blame
Although it also makes a living today
I am an insect
Since you are also an insect

Giddiness unnecessarily memorized in the bent room
So everything was dead

Red voice and a young eye
A dimple is made on this rusted cheek
It is so easy to come out
Me who should love with you who should hate
Although it is alive to be sure
I am a male
Since you are also a male


46 :テンジクネズミはモルモット:02/06/18 01:12 ID:Yheb5b0F
おお ボニー また漏れんとこにもどってきてくんないかな

47 :名前はいらない:02/06/18 01:14 ID:???

今のところ、すげえ! っておもたのは2個ぐらい。

48 :テンジクネズミはモルモット:02/06/18 01:16 ID:Yheb5b0F
give a man a horse he can ride
o god, love thee,
pulse of fateってことばがかっこいいっておもった

49 :名前はいらない:02/06/18 01:22 ID:???

50 :名前はいらない:02/06/18 21:24 ID:Ldk9HHgN
「Smile Alone」

An orange light burns the slope
When I was young, I was walking along the way
It is an old talk if now comes

If a laughing voice can be heard
I was frightened
Nobody notices my scream freely
It carried out by passing every day

The children who surround young me
What is necessary is just to die wholly
There is no value of living to you etc
I only want to live and to go
Your thing etc. It says anyhow
It imagines that a surrounding child dies
I smile alone

While inhaling the smoke of a gray cigarette
I carried out by going up a slope every morning
It is a nostalgic talk if now comes

Even if made an outcast
I was there
Nobody notices me a male shout freely
It carried out by passing every day

The children who separate from wise me
What is necessary is just to die wholly
You do not become perfect human being
I only want to live and to go
Your thing etc. It says anyhow
While imagining massacring a surrounding child
I smile alone

51 :マディ:02/08/28 19:57 ID:N415He/H

52 :名前はいらない:02/09/07 16:13 ID:2y3jjPV4

53 :名前はいらない:02/09/08 23:07 ID:WRx3RhtH

54 :ましゅう ◆MASyU/iM :02/09/11 13:14 ID:/VO3fHwM
こんなところでTRUST IN MEの歌詞に出会えるなんて…。

55 :ましゅう ◆MASyU/iM :02/09/12 08:42 ID:0uZXxL4K

Hey mama what dat dere
And what dat over dere
And mama, hey mama, hey look at over dere
Hey what they doing there
And where the going there
And mama, can I have that big elephant, over there

And who's that is my chair
And what's he doing there
And mama, hey mama can I go over there
Hey mama what is square
And where do we get air
And mama, can I have that big elephant, over there

Quizzical kid
She doesn't want anything hid
She's forever demanding to know who and why and where
Inquistive child
Sometimes the questions get wild
Like mama, can I have that big elephant, over there

56 :ましゅう ◆MASyU/iM :02/09/12 08:44 ID:0uZXxL4K
Don't wanna cobm may hair
And where's my teddybear
And mama, oh hey look at the cowboy coming there
And can I have a pair, of boots like that, to wear
And mama, can I have that big elephant, over there

The time will march, the years will go
That little lady's, gonna grow
And I gotta tell her, what she needs to know
I'll help her along, so she'll be strong
And she will know right, from wrong

As life's parade goes marching by
She's gonna need to know, some reasons why
I don't have all answers
But I try, to do what I can
We'll make a plan

You give a kid your best
And hope she'll pass the test
When you finally send her out into the world, somewhere
But though she's grown, I'm betting I never will forget
Mama can I have, that elephant, over there

Hey why they do dat dere
And how you work dat dere
And mama, hey mama, what that say up there
Hey mama what is there
how come I gotta share
And mama, can I have that big elephant, over there
Hey mama, can I have that big elephant, over there

57 :ましゅう ◆MASyU/iM :02/09/12 08:51 ID:0uZXxL4K

58 :名前はいらない:02/09/12 11:44 ID:85hPNCxl
【名】 戦車兵{せんしゃ へい}
【代名】 =that

【略語-1】 =differential aptitude test、適性判別テスト
【略語-2】 =digital audio taperecorder、デジタル・オーディオ・テープレコーダー
【略語-3】 =digital audio tape、デジタルオーディオテープ
【略語-4】 =direct antiglobulin test、直接抗グロブリン試験
【略語-5】 =director of advanced technology、先進技術担当部長
【略語-6】 =dynamic address translation、《コ》動的{どうてき}アドレス変換{へんかん}

【略語】 =Dounreay Experimental Reactor Establishment、ドーンリー実験用原子炉施設


何となくだけど、that there の幼児語かなとも思えるね。
ママに尋ねてるのに押韻で dad が出てこないのも引っ掛かるといえば引っ掛かる。

59 :ましゅう ◆MASyU/iM :02/09/12 17:25 ID:0uZXxL4K
恐らく、dat dereとはthat thereの幼児語、というので良いのでは、と思います。
だから、歌詞中のthat thereはdat dereになるのだと思います。
>ママに尋ねてるのに押韻で dad が出てこないのも引っ掛かるといえば引っ掛かる。

60 :名前はいらない:02/09/12 18:34 ID:85hPNCxl
>>59 ましゅうさん


「DAT DARE」 で検索してみると、確かにこのタイトルの曲が存在するらしいので、
もしかすると「DAT DARE」でひとつの成句みたいな、スラングでもあるのかな、と思いますです。

押韻の事ですが、この詩(歌詞?)は最初から、"dat dere" と同じ韻律が何度も登場しますよね。
"that is my chair" "what is square" "do we get air" みたいにしてね。

で、色んな事をママに対して聞いているのに、dad について聞かないのは何故かなとフト疑問に思ったのです。
オレがこの詩の作者なら、dad とか使いたいと思うんですよね。


>それからママ、 あそこの大きな象さん飼えるかな?
>   ねえママ、 あそこの大きな象さん飼えるかな?



61 :ましゅう ◆MASyU/iM :02/09/12 22:54 ID:0uZXxL4K
と思ったら別になし。だから意味が分からないDAT DEREに何かがあるのかも…と思って
それと、>the questions get wild のwildの意味合いが気になるところ。

62 :58=60:02/10/01 17:22 ID:icnu3c/w

DAT DARE = dad where なのかも知れないなーと、フト思いましたです。

63 :名前はいらない:02/11/24 22:57 ID:IE6dHtWa

64 :GEORGIA:02/11/25 02:54 ID:2xmOe13v


65 :撫子はチキン:02/11/26 20:00 ID:gD6K1A4A

66 :GEORGIA:02/11/27 04:28 ID:qxCMsfxt


67 :名前はいらない:02/11/29 13:33 ID:0bxLm8gh

68 :岡田克彦 ◆ikGay75MZI :02/12/03 10:38 ID:GQVeFEpU


69 :岡田克彦 ◆ikGay75MZI :02/12/10 16:24 ID:/RaX6Igv

お・だ・ま・り、あたしを誰だと思ってるの? おそれ多くも、あ・た・し・よ。
お・だ・ま・り、あたしを誰だと思ってるの? おそれ多くも、あ・た・し・よ。
お・だ・ま・り、あたしを誰だと思ってるの? おそれ多くも、あ・た・し・よ。
お・だ・ま・り、あたしを誰だと思ってるの? おそれ多くも、あ・た・し・よ。
お・だ・ま・り、あたしを誰だと思ってるの? おそれ多くも、あ・た・し・よ。

70 :soup ◆8nlcMzxscU :02/12/24 00:46 ID:O+8nB1nr
は、Rickie Lee Jones という人の「pop pop」に入ってる「DAT DERE」です。
詞は持ってませんが、ほぼあってると思います。(dad だという解釈、賛成です)
written by Bobby Timmons / Oscar Brown jr.

71 :ましゅう ◆ACMASyU/iM :03/01/05 02:44 ID:KBHGaUAy
後日ですね、tpのdat dereが入っているCDの解説書を友人に見せてもらったところ、
DAT DEREとは、THAT THEREの黒人訛りという説明がありました。
情報ありがとうございます!私はSheila Jordanという女性シンガーの音源を聴いて
彼も歌っているのですか?男性ボーカルのDAT DERE…。どんなんだろう。

72 :soup ◆8nlcMzxscU :03/01/07 22:46 ID:IOyCToQC
>>71 ましゅうさん
Rickie Lee Jonesは女性です。

73 ::03/01/17 17:04 ID:tqL7eynu
mud!{I feel much better this moning.

(._.) <?
www (( (ё) www <mgyaaaaa…!!!!

74 :名前はいらない:03/01/17 17:06 ID:tqL7eynu
(U - U)〜
www (( (ё) www <mgyaaaaa…!!!?

75 ::03/01/17 17:47 ID:tqL7eynu
  (^_^) <A sprite of grass is kind in itself.
(U - U)〜
www (ё) )) www <mgywawawawaaaaa…!!!?

76 :…ずれちまったよ。(鬱):03/01/17 18:06 ID:tqL7eynu
 (^_^) <A sprite of grass is kind in itself.
(U - U)〜
www (ё) )) www <mgywawawawaaaaa…!!!?

www    (( (ё) <bbobooboo... www

www (ё) ))<Why!

www (( (ё)<mosamosamosa... www

77 :山崎渉:03/01/19 13:31 ID:HfSLZrvL

78 : リンゴチップス:03/01/20 22:24 ID:tW4T/pYn
Always talks in a roundadout way.
So, take a wrong tarning point.
an error error error error error...

 " Why didn't you ask me ? "

When I can finished this works ?
cryind on his sholder.

kept on going endless-loop.
It be not flat speace.
continued my journey

The snow has melted away.
He is sill sitting at his disk.
A boy is making bleaves
that his a captain.

79 : リンゴチップス:03/01/20 22:28 ID:tW4T/pYn
Always talks in a roundadout way.
So, take a wrong tarning point.
error error error error error...

80 : リンゴチップス:03/01/20 22:33 ID:tW4T/pYn





81 :papar taiger:03/01/21 19:05 ID:HIvQBhUt
how long will this fine weather last?
but,in my mind is gloomy and gloomy...

What it that your face was clouded?
...sorry,I don't know what to say.

>by the milky way,
>Mr. so-and-so, King Fister!


It looks like lain.
but not be heavily.
I praying to god, just now.

82 :timid:03/01/21 19:09 ID:HIvQBhUt





83 :timid:03/01/21 19:20 ID:HIvQBhUt


 >by the coly way,
 >Mr. so-and-so, King Fister!  



It looks like lain.
but not will be heavily.
I praying to god, just now.


84 :timid:03/01/21 19:25 ID:HIvQBhUt

manTAN na ENERUGII wa ikiba o nakushite komatteru ze
dare ka ga chotto yurasu dake de taikutsu na haretsu suru ze

I Ride, White Line no ue o OH, OH, OH,
Sit down shinrai shiteru basho de OH, OH, OH,
mayotteru ma ni yukeru ze!

hitori ni hitotsu zutsu moraeru jiyuu to jounetsu o te ni
kagayaku tame ni umarete kita bokura no tabi wa tsuzuku
futashika na nichijou o sasaeru kirifuda omae no Soul
Best na seichou wa umidasu yo
tomaranai WILD DRIVE

bokura wa mada shizuka ni tobira o tataiteru

Will wa Beat o sagashite narifuri kamawazu ni yuku
subete no Mighty na kaze tayasuku kechirashite Fly

Free ni ikiru koto no imi o OH, OH, OH,
Greed ni me o fuse te o fureba OH, OH, OH,
Stand up sono toki da ze

hitori ni hitotsu zutsu moraeru jiyuu to jounetsu o te ni
kagayaku tame ni umarete kita bokura no tabi wa tsuzuku
futashika na nichijou o sasaeru kirifuda omae no Soul
Best na seichou wa umidasu yo
tomaranai WILD DRIVE

85 :timid:03/01/21 19:26 ID:HIvQBhUt
bokura wa mada shizuka ni tobira o tataiteru

chikyuu wa itazura ni daichi o OH, OH, OH,
furuwase choushi ni norisugite OH, OH, OH,
atto iu ma ni yukina yo

hitori ni hitotsu zutsu moraeru jiyuu to jounetsu o te ni
kagayaku tame ni umarete kita bokura no tabi wa tsuzuku

hitori ni hitotsu zutsu moraeru jiyuu to jounetsu o te ni
kagayaku tame ni umarete kita bokura no tabi wa tsuzuku
futashika na nichijou o sasaeru kirifuda omae no Soul
Best na seichou wa umidasu yo
tomaranai WILD DRIVE

bokura wa mada shizuka ni tobira o tataiteru

tobira o tataiteru


86 :名前はいらない:03/01/21 22:05 ID:mh1/woI3
saya mesti tidur,mengapa cahaya.


87 :名前はいらない:03/01/22 17:45 ID:IQnlacCo

88 :papar taiger R:03/01/22 17:49 ID:72uoQekL
how long will this fine weather last?
but,in my mind is gloomy and gloomy...

What it that your face was clouded?
...sorry,I don't know what to say.

>by the way,
>A certain Mr. King Fister!

What'ts what ?”

It looks like lain.
but not will be heavily.
I offerd a pryer to god.

89 :名前はいらない:03/01/22 17:51 ID:72uoQekL

90 :A self-styled poet:03/01/23 20:42 ID:KWXoOd8W
he Manuscript
Gregory Bateson
Esalen, October 5, 1978

So there it is in words
And if you read between the lines
You will find nothing there
For that is the discipline I ask
Not more, not less

91 :A self-styled poet:03/01/23 20:43 ID:KWXoOd8W
Not the world as it is
Nor ought to be -
Only the precision
The skeleton of truth
I do not dabble in emotion
Hint at implications
Evoke the ghosts of old forgotten creeds.

92 :A self-styled poet:03/01/23 20:43 ID:KWXoOd8W
All that is for the preacher
The hypnotist, therapist and missionary
They will come after me
And use the little that I said
To bait more traps
For those who cannot bear
The lonely
of Truth4

93 :名前はいらない:03/01/25 00:22 ID:A1A7TIDD

    If you find a four-leaf clover.
      It will bring happiness;

      don't tell Anyone

      Where its white flower

  Or how many leaflets from its stem extend.
       The four-leaved clover.

   I only what your happiness,knowing
    I can never be your to share it.

94 :名前はいらない:03/01/25 00:22 ID:NfW5Y4PB

95 :名前はいらない:03/01/25 00:23 ID:A1A7TIDD



96 :カストー ◆Ga383dS.Kk :03/01/25 00:33 ID:/1Afju8d
Hide all the world from me
Darken may daytime
And torture my nignt
If my life were important I
Would ask will Ilive or die......

97 :clover:03/01/25 00:53 ID:rUkDw5yY





98 :クローヴ:03/01/25 01:09 ID:rUkDw5yY
世界中をさえぎり 昼にとばりを
かけがえのない日々なら 進むことも 還ることも

99 :クローヴ:03/01/25 01:16 ID:rUkDw5yY

100 :クローヴ:03/01/25 01:22 ID:rUkDw5yY
削除依頼、、、、sweatseaterswea test

101 :4th head of Cerberus:03/01/25 11:21 ID:Wozhg0Bb
I have been suffering since I was born
I have not seen my appearance through a mirror
I'm sure to lose my emotion as a human
as if I were sinking in the sea of sorrow...

Nobody knows my madness in distress
My body is always wet with blood and tears
How much have I hurt people with my mad knife
There are three person in my brain

First,He speaks to me so innocently
and always cries out with sorrow
Second,She tempts me so kindly
and asks me to go wherever she wants to go
Third,His heart is filled with anger and madness
He drives me mad and make me scream

Without my knowledge (death is near)
I don't wanna look back (my past)
I seem to be (scapegoat)
I'm a watchdog (like Cerberus)
I try to cut myself to shed black blood

I am four-headed monster
Nobody will make friends with me
May I as well pretend the solitary?
I don't know how to love somebody

Where am I? Who am I?
All I can see is so dirty road
I want them to go to heaven
If I don't find love, I want to go to hell

102 :真子 ◆OoyP1AcKC. :03/01/25 11:58 ID:tz8TLL2V

it came suddenly
the fossil of the wing
which lost luster
the breast which growth stopped at
the people stopped a conversation,

and then looked at that sight,
and they were tired --------

the petals enjoyed the act of saving a color in the heart
if it took a walk in the air,
the blank of the time will stop walking
now as for the people
the daughter of pure flower
shop doesn't probably know the beauty of the lovely flower
she will be here
because it is afraid of it
the people who believe a fanciful story
in the whole body
and who then believes that faith to be art
they must do the choice of the pain astringent juice
that distress may extinguish the people
if a window side was filled up and it devoted itself.
it's certain,

and I believe
that it's the best choice

103 :名前はいらない:03/01/25 13:13 ID:ZqfawzAo

104 :真子 ◆OoyP1AcKC. :03/01/25 13:58 ID:tz8TLL2V

Scoundrel som ødelegger kultur.

105 :black leave:03/01/27 23:08 ID:HM3Gu9aO
I want happiness.
Iseek happiness.

to cause your happiness
to be your happiness

so take me
sameplace far away
to a true Elsewhere
please take me there

magic that lasts
never-ending kiss
revery without break
unperishable bliss

take me
I want happiness

106 :break leaves:03/01/27 23:20 ID:HM3Gu9aO
birds sing
song of unknown tongue
though winged, they
still fail to reach the sky

a pleace not to be treaded alone

so take me
to a ture Elsewhere

wet feathers,
locked fingers,
melting flesh,
fusing minds

take me
I want happiness

Not your past
but your present is what I seek,

carefully winding back its fragile theread

please take me there

I want happiness

107 :黒羽:03/01/28 22:54 ID:Rq6NlDSN





108 :壊葉:03/01/28 22:57 ID:Rq6NlDSN









109 :>>101:03/01/29 04:43 ID:wa9BLuQJ






110 :名前はいらない:03/01/29 05:36 ID:nguHQoaX

111 ::03/01/29 05:46 ID:wa9BLuQJ
↓ ↓


↑ ↑

112 :101:03/01/29 22:18 ID:eJjGWJVy

113 ::03/01/29 22:34 ID:wa9BLuQJ

114 :break blade:03/01/29 23:49 ID:Jm2KPmVZ
    If you find a four-leaf clover.
      It will bring happiness;

      don't tell Anyone

      Where its white flower

  Or how many leaflets from its stem extend.
       The four-leaved clover.

   I only what your happiness,knowing
    I can never be your to share it.

115 :break blade:03/01/29 23:50 ID:Jm2KPmVZ
    If you find a four-leaf clover.
      It will bring happiness.

       But don't tell

       Where you found
The four-leaf clover,

   Or how many leaflets were on
     The four-leaved clover.

   How I wish to make you happy,
   Thought I won't be able to see you.

116 :諸刃:03/01/29 23:51 ID:Jm2KPmVZ





117 :名前はいらない:03/03/12 15:52 ID:U+PCTBhU

Gimme something strong
Gimme something I don't need
Lately a perfect fall takes the ending back to me
Gimme something wrong
Gimme something I can't see
Don't tell where you've gone
Nothing lasts forever

Someday time will flow
But I don't know what I know
See you on the same floor
Someday time will start to flow

All the pages you have read
All the hatreds you have fed
And I've needed

118 :名前はいらない:03/03/12 16:02 ID:U+PCTBhU

Here was everything,Tryin' not to explain
What I ever wanted was already a piece of apology
Can this be your friend
I'm bound for dead end at least at present

Here was anything that I couldn't sing
What I ever waited for was your
Elemental warmth
Gimme whwt you wanna send
I'm bound for dead end at least at present

Say I know here was my struggle for yesterday
Though you've never seen my face and pay for today
I'm afraid and lights have faded
The road is naked now I'll take it again
Dear I know here was my struggle for yesterday

Here was everything once I used to cling
Some nights may not bring the dawn
Some daylights may not bring the night
Can this be in your sense
I'm bound for dead end at least at present

I can't help fellin' my headache ride on me

Say a player
Kiss a raider
Hate a jailer
If you wonder

119 :ニイヅカ ハル:03/03/23 23:01 ID:qck9Tef4

欲しい 強い 要らないモノを
欲しい ワルい 知らないモノを 

時の流れで すべてが変わる

時はきっと 流れる いつか
確信なんか 持ちようないが

お前を近くに 見た気がしたが
時は必ず 動き出す いつか


120 :ニイヅカ ハル:03/03/23 23:08 ID:qck9Tef4

121 :名前はいらない:03/04/02 20:07 ID:oWmHq/Fx

122 :名前はいらない:03/04/02 21:01 ID:10qcWeJJ

123 :山崎渉:03/04/20 02:10 ID:tQHi8HIt
  (  ^^ )< ぬるぽ(^^)

124 :名前はいらない:03/05/10 20:52 ID:h+om3GrD

125 :山崎渉:03/05/22 02:58 ID:9hqkSSyZ

126 :山崎渉:03/05/28 11:19 ID:91alohpq
ピュ.ー (  ^^ ) <これからも僕を応援して下さいね(^^)。
  =〔~∪ ̄ ̄〕
  = ◎――◎                      山崎渉

127 ::03/06/01 21:58 ID:exT+qQpV

128 :GJ:03/06/20 02:41 ID:DonNQpRr
痰をグラスに吐いている それがパン(ビール?)に見えてしまう」

129 :名前はいらない:03/07/06 19:20 ID:FRzKhNO+

Rain in April
Flowers in May
Roses in June
??? in July



130 :名前はいらない:03/07/15 02:48 ID:CpAKToOt

Snow in January
Ice in February

Hot days in August
School in September

Cristmas in December



131 :山崎 渉:03/07/15 12:04 ID:91J1lTCd

 |(  ^^ )| <寝るぽ(^^)
 \ |⌒⌒⌒~|         山崎渉
   ~ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

132 :山崎 渉:03/08/02 01:26 ID:TahhWmQI

133 :山崎 渉:03/08/15 13:29 ID:5TkIaFn9
   │ ^ ^ │<これからも僕を応援して下さいね(^^)。
  ⊂|    |つ
   (_)(_)                      山崎パン

134 :名前はいらない:03/08/30 11:42 ID:1ux9RXcc

Do I open a note after I turn on air conditioner?
It seems that I can't forget you anyway
But I should have to forget
It's such a thing

I don't have any gold unluckily
I also don't have any future promised especially

I don't think that I want someone to understand

You who are only loved anytime is the winner
You're being given the hope anytime
Therefore don't look so sad
Hey can you hear me?

Do I rather be flowed with now?
It seems impossible to make a living with only dreaming
But I can never do it
It's such a thing

Dying is better than to be loser to live
If I say which the better is

Adults thrust us down into a swirl of the guilty feelings

I go to meet a friend from now on
A rattletrap

135 :名前はいらない:03/08/30 11:47 ID:1ux9RXcc

136 :名前はいらない:03/08/30 11:55 ID:FLy/mNql

137 :134:03/08/30 11:56 ID:1ux9RXcc



なぁ 聞こえるかい?




動けよ このポンコツ

138 :名前はいらない:03/08/30 12:13 ID:FLy/mNql

139 :名前はいらない:03/08/31 02:35 ID:ztCh4yrQ

140 :名前はいらない:03/08/31 19:58 ID:zpDS7393

141 :名前はいらない:03/09/03 19:38 ID:luOCmxEZ

142 :名前はいらない:03/09/08 18:52 ID:jmHdbSJx

143 :名前はいらない:03/09/09 17:56 ID:HiVvMEUT

144 :名前はいらない:03/09/11 18:12 ID:AUUmx81w

145 :134:03/09/15 08:18 ID:hBZy8DN/


146 :134:03/09/18 21:40 ID:h6dlMaKR

147 :名前はいらない:03/09/20 08:40 ID:WftoNhwr

148 :名前はいらない:03/09/22 21:04 ID:ljCx39YD

149 :名前はいらない:03/09/24 18:34 ID:QyKbM0Sh

150 :名前はいらない:03/09/26 23:33 ID:LBLKtc6Y
1行目:open the notebook が正しいと思います。note はノートって意味じゃありません。
3行目:日本語詞のニュアンスだったら、should を除くべきです。除かないと誤用です。
6行目:I have no future とした方が自然です。
8行目:The winner is you,because you're always loved. と語順を入れ替えた方がスッキリします。
9行目:being は不要。
12行目:I wonder if I'd better be carried away just the way I am. が日本語詞の直訳です。flow は自動詞なので受動態には使えません。
13行目:with を by に変えた方がいいです。それでも、不自然さは残りますが・・・。
14行目:do that が一般的です。
16〜17行目:I'd rather die than be a loser in order to live. が直訳です。than の前後は品詞として同格のものにする必要があります。
18行目:動詞は push を使った方がいいです。細かいですが、「罪悪感の渦」は the vortex of a guilty feeling がニュアンスに合うと思います。
19行目:仲間って1人なんでしょうか? my friends と複数形にするのが普通です。「今から」は from now です。from now on だと、「これからずっと」という意味になります。
20行目:不定冠詞はまずいです。A を The か My にするべきです。
21行目:Start to move の方がいいと思います。

あと、4行目と15行目は、That's the case. がいいと思うんですが、その部分の日本語詞がうまく解釈できないので、何とも言えません。

151 :Lepton to the Universe:03/09/28 04:12 ID:CnVhfkbo
The smallest observable thing
in the cosmos, boss;
and the largest imaginable object
in your mind's
One thousand miles an hour we spin,
sixty thousand mils an hour round the sun.
The galaxy――one million miles an hour
through the universe.

152 :Your Tunnel:03/09/28 04:20 ID:CnVhfkbo
if you see it
when you get there
please come back here
please come tell us
if you reach there
when you see there
please come tell us
if you get there
if you see it
please come back here
come and tell me
what it is like there
one great mystery

153 :Same Dream:03/09/28 04:31 ID:CnVhfkbo
It's the same dream that lasts all night but I can only keep this
it's Halloween and I'm chasing you round the other kids
on a moonlit lawn in a ghost cape and a skull mask and you are
some times you and some times you are like a shadow

154 :FLICK:03/09/28 04:53 ID:tFIlUR3l
I can flick a cigarette butt
further and with more accuracy

lots of practice, I guess
someday we will all be editors

that jumps around from person to person
and bites you on the ass
a certain static is repuired
the albino butterfly
thank you thank you very much
little spiders making little webs
nus is what you have become
kind of fractured of the facts

dylan and drugs and the sweat bee
shake and stretch the stiffness out
exercise? not right now
applauded for your idleness

155 :FLICK:03/09/28 04:55 ID:tFIlUR3l
connects to a power line
that runs over my head
in the cool wet morning air
as we sit under a tree
thank you thank you very much
little spiders making little webs
nus is what you have become
kind of fractured of the facts

an upsidedown wire heart
being sucked into a periscope

still the mind is dull
like you need another excuse

your thoughts lift like a fog
as the sun burns it away
a soft ball and a stick
and the imprint that it makes
like a chamber from a gun
after the shooting's done
this is what you have become
now make something out of it

156 :名前はいらない:03/09/29 18:19 ID:X9w40IIq

157 :曾村益廊:03/10/06 22:40 ID:ptypIrmI
"A certain end"
Angel's capital was made from the flood, and was the present rust now.
It is a scene and where. a community, [cradle 、 of Fish (it is right) ROMEO], a washroom,
and alpha -- where -- water [/highest]/-- the -- effective -- and] -- The friend an A?
Meat A bomb, the tense jazz, and the tense camera eye managed the game, and [it was soiled] when equipped in the hole,
a meridian line line and the Rhine River Rhine River, the waist,
prison, and country woman of bet beam money took to ghostly monochrome.
Then, it hides and is translation eagerly.
It was the child from whom the sweetheart of winter further often dropped it on the undecided village.

158 :名前はいらない:03/10/12 15:38 ID:TwFJRst9

159 :名前はいらない:03/10/12 18:10 ID:TwFJRst9

160 :名前はいらない:03/10/22 22:59 ID:r9Lr7PxX

O Rose thou art sick.
The invisible worm.
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy;
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

――William Blake

161 :名前はいらない:03/12/26 06:55 ID:eJtD4moB

162 :名前はいらない:04/01/24 18:39 ID:wo7+FZBO

163 :名前はいらない :04/02/05 03:38 ID:DheN3Rfo

164 :てす:04/02/05 03:54 ID:U98SvZ7D
we areN't here
everything here isN't exist already
everything doesN't exist is ever

is it right? Sei Shonagon,
we areN't motal as union of the Sun's gift
which would never reach the goal by eaten
3D has bigun from the atom's thin
we areN't thick

we know you must die from gondola of glass
is it right? Sei Shonagon,
that's good

cos u were bad boy as cruel as kid hidding ball
from runner at grass
if u run away from your home and make luv
with someone who makes your mum sad
that's good
is it right? Sei Shonagon;


165 :_:04/02/05 04:00 ID:hSO1v6Zq





166 :名前はいらない:04/02/13 11:00 ID:8YlsifoS

167 :名前はいらない :04/02/23 01:36 ID:5pI6PNx6

168 :image:04/02/23 14:28 ID:xPBuCw2J
i still believe in your eyes
there is no choice i belong to your life
just because i will live to love you someday
you'll be my baby and we'll fly away
and i'll fly with you

169 :名前はいらない:04/03/23 19:04 ID:XuB5iCqe

170 :名前はいらない:04/03/23 21:13 ID:nATdYG/w

171 :植竹雅也:04/03/23 21:14 ID:BJB3qkHo



172 :名前はいらない:04/03/25 21:12 ID:7/cAjmEr
Long lines of cliff breaking have left a chasm;

173 :名前はいらない:04/03/26 04:00 ID:A0Eka/ba


174 :Linly:04/03/26 12:24 ID:K6wJF6R8
If the sun, oxygen and the sea, and a wind are in me. I am enough.

175 :響子 ◆ZG.asVQ2q6 :04/03/26 23:29 ID:3PUpFEfz
won't please stay with me

176 :名前はいらない:04/03/28 23:04 ID:/AiNVxQD

177 :歌川からす ◆lXZBPVO3GQ :04/03/29 09:18 ID:ecnX8l/B

178 :名前はいらない:04/05/11 20:24 ID:PdkIP6dj

This place

Hasta la Vista Baby.
And I'll go home that is mind.
Is the end of day today
behind the walking on the road.

Don't worry, little baby.
I'll make you funny every night.
There is nothing to fear.
It's nothing to fear.

Ever warn around.
When it's you while dreaming.
If you poured poison on around dish for me.
You can't feel this hurts.
No breeds. No means.
So laughing is only way to stay this place.

179 : Ho:04/05/12 17:17 ID:pZmR8y90
It is time to fly.

180 :c‐lear:04/05/12 23:02 ID:vM8KXx34
Sink upon the deeper sea
I'm in a small box
When at the first time
Find the shiny sun

181 :Just like me:04/05/14 14:26 ID:87DDXtWm
They long to be close to you

182 :もう一度:04/05/14 16:12 ID:87DDXtWm
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you


183 :名前はいらない:04/05/14 16:17 ID:cYpUQGow

184 :c-lear:04/06/21 21:52 ID:mgEBxIL+
somebody me kick out
somebody me picking up
knowing that
cry on today , everyday・・・・・

185 :c‐lear:04/07/23 21:28 ID:djZwh16O
of a transparent town
of the evening.
Briny air,
It goes to blue.
-- transparent blue
It cleared up.

186 :c-lear:04/07/23 21:34 ID:djZwh16O
Butterfly in August
Dances madly
A blue hydrangea
Seasonal liaison.

187 :c‐lear:04/07/26 09:03 ID:6lBM+WpK
This summer time
What do you expect
and talk to YOU?
Nobody solves
such as a metaphysical trouble.

188 :c-lear:04/07/26 20:06 ID:f6l05/K/
I rise by thunder like this
Cause I was surely
the god's of thunder
daughter in the next world.

189 :c-lear:04/07/27 22:36 ID:kOuioQP3
Although it is charged service
The charge is a
matchless smile
of a transient life.

190 :c-lear:04/07/27 22:52 ID:kOuioQP3
Good girl,good girl,
Let's sing reggae!
I'm goin’ to push
your AMBU-bag, ever!
A thunderbolt, a power failure,
not be fear, any longer!

191 :c-lear:04/09/12 13:43:39 ID:2hFkHwA0
"Like a movie"

Such a place With you Encountering is
Such a movie You comes to see
Such a touch by You Applying voice ornarily

I did not consider, do not believe from now on.

192 :名前はいらない:04/11/14 11:24:51 ID:z4pWiWoi
http://www.eigotown.com/culture/story/limericks/limericks.shtml 『五行でわかる日本文学 英日狂演滑稽五行詩(リメリック)』 ロジャー・パルバース(著) / 柴田元幸(訳)

<<< Murakami Haruki 村上春樹 >>>
He is the great Japanese challenger
Who took on the pugnacious Salinger
   To him we're be'Holden
   For a translation that's golden
And a Caulfield who's raunchy and mad at ya!

あっぱれ日本の チャレンジャ−
翻訳したのは サリンジャー
   おかげで新たな ホールデン
   読者は感謝 しておるでん
インチキ大人に 怒ってるんじゃ!

### 感心したので自分でも作ってみた:

"Untranslatable" meant nothing to the man
Who brought Finnegans Wake to Japan.
   Yanase Japanized proper
   James's jumbled jabber
To reJoyce the delighted [tout le monde] !

それは「翻訳不能」の一句 !

FW limericks in E&J (C) by stzz http://jbbs.livedoor.jp/study/4383/

193 ::2005/05/03(火) 16:33:50 ID:Sf0k+g+l

194 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/03(火) 20:26:12 ID:17uiJEg2
Lovely, lovely, lovely are my days
Lovely, lovely, lovely is my doom

No matter what happens to you tomorrow
There won't be any change to my bliss or to my sorrow

So lovely, lovely are my days
Oh lovely, lovely is my doom

For there's no going any farther
There's no use in saying 'Rather,'

195 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/03(火) 22:24:02 ID:17uiJEg2
Feed my cat, won't you?
Please won't you feed my cat?
It won't ask you for much
So please won't you feed my cat?

196 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/04(水) 20:19:17 ID:fLg1GGeh
This wing is wooden, so naught can it fly.
This wing is wooden; for the wind does it cry.
The sky is blue, the clouds are white,
This song to them soars, and to what height?

This wing is wooden, naught of silver or of gold,
This wing is wooden, whatever shall it be call'd.

197 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/04(水) 23:26:49 ID:fLg1GGeh
Words don't carry you
Words don't inspire you
It is only that you hang on words when you need not
And pretend that you depend on words
What really carries you is
That something that all the words come from
That something that every word emerges from
And that something that words can never explain

198 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/05(木) 10:01:21 ID:U3DTqqBH
"I'd rather not" says you.
"I might as well, but I'd rather not."

How clever you are!

199 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/05(木) 22:12:10 ID:U3DTqqBH
Sleep reigns the night
And laughter reigns the day.
The evening belongs to silent smile
And dawn to tearful hope.
Hear, hear the days go by
And hear, hear your days flow by.

200 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/05(木) 22:20:03 ID:U3DTqqBH
I didn't touch the treasure.
I didn't try to break it;
I didn't try to take it either.
I didn't touch the treasure when it disappeared.

201 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/06(金) 20:46:04 ID:8yFGTok1
Simple words from an unthinking mind
is a blasphemy to poetry.
On the other hand,
Some of such are the most honest and beautiful of all,
and the most difficult of all to formulate.
I have neither such simple words nor poetry that I long for.

Simple words, such as to tell a mother or a father
that they are the greatest in the whole world.
Simple words, such as to thank the clouds for rain.
Words, such as those bidding others good night.

202 :名前はいらない:2005/05/06(金) 21:00:44 ID:8yFGTok1
All I wish to ask you is to call my name,
Just once in a while.

203 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/08(日) 18:48:44 ID:C1oua5CW
Happy are those who do not know,
Unhappy are those who start to learn.
The truth, the truth lies deep and low,
Yet alive are those who for it still seek and yearn.

Come to the sea,
Come to the sea.

204 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/09(月) 02:24:05 ID:+qxkFtYg
「いんぐりっしゅ いず まい らんぐぃっじ!」
said my teacher.

205 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/09(月) 02:40:10 ID:+qxkFtYg
Angels packed up under fancy ribbons,
They can't get our because they're prettier there;
Who would bother to resque them?
Angels made of glass, and so
Are always fit to be broken.
Always having to be protected.
Who can they save at all?

Get back to work, ye all;
Ye all get back to work.

206 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/09(月) 02:44:49 ID:+qxkFtYg
They can't get out because they're prettier there;

207 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/09(月) 03:02:04 ID:+qxkFtYg
"What I Learned at Last Tonight"

Always wear shoes that don't hurt your heels.

208 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/10(火) 00:41:45 ID:54gKRuPe
A shoe sore.
A new vocabulary; how good!

A new trouble to life.

209 :名前はいらない:2005/05/10(火) 11:17:39 ID:cWK2AWt4
Yes,today I'm absent from school
because absence of my mind
Yesterday an abstract rule
was leaving me behind
to trick

※While getting gold
I'm getting old
What teachers told
is feeling cold

Guess today I'll be a fool
as if I totally forgot
On Thursday I'm so thirsty!
Please something cold
to drink

210 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/11(水) 01:08:02 ID:1g3qnFIG
No challenge now, I'm too weary for that.
While the petals sleep under the rosebud,
I'm but to wait; no trying hard now,

All you have to do is to wait now;
Until the cloud reveals the yellow moon,
No looking for a cow to munch on your weary dream.
No doing anything now; O wait.

211 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/11(水) 01:20:02 ID:1g3qnFIG

Imagine your classroom with your empty desk
Someone's eyesight on one moment
With a mass of students, but without you.
Imagine your teacher getting ready for class;
What he knows, what he doesn't, what he shows, what he doesn't.

I see your bare feet roaming in your silent kitchen
Morning outside, then noon, then night.
Think of how I imagine you looking out your window.
How the spilled water stains your floor. I imagine.

212 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/13(金) 23:08:50 ID:Gqf598v1
Save the monster, now.

213 :名前はいらない:2005/05/14(土) 10:15:30 ID:i3T8ifHZ
Saturday,sunny day
I watch polno movies
I feel dark
I don't know just what I must doing
I know
I disapire
I only I don't say I want to die
I always I hide words I want to die
But I think someone will kill me

I don't know just where I'm going

214 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/15(日) 22:56:37 ID:ifI/bxXw
The happiest way to end your life
Is to have a porno actress murder you with a paper knife.

(Though on the other hand, I might be seriously mistaken.)

215 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/17(火) 00:02:47 ID:Jofn1yiY
A giant lantern glowing in the dark,
Eels swimming in the air.
Newspapers attempting to cover up the cold wind,
Such nights in Asakusa.

216 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/17(火) 21:48:36 ID:Jofn1yiY
Set me free, said the bee
Down beneath the coffee sea.
Woe is me, said the tree
Soaking in the honey tea.

So be free!

217 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/18(水) 23:15:36 ID:TOClD6Rs
Now that the war is over
We are looking for another one.
Now since the war continues
We keep failing to see what is happening 'round us.

218 :名前はいらない:2005/05/28(土) 19:30:31 ID:d6FZ4Z0q
I don't want that I can't take
I want,but I can't image
Sonmething that feel me I'm living

But I can't take I'm living

I have nothing except ////

219 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/28(土) 20:15:45 ID:9Ae0iQ0k
Now that the war is over.
No war that has ever begun on earth
Has ever been ended.
To nobody.

Begin not, begin not, forget not.
Forget not.

220 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/05/30(月) 21:09:54 ID:CJqB+qXq
t i p t o e

221 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/06/05(日) 11:03:55 ID:fF9cyUYB
Is one of the most difficult thing to overcome.
Let me tell you a story...

It began like this.

222 :名前はいらない:2005/06/05(日) 11:13:34 ID:fF9cyUYB
Is one of the most difficult things to overcome.

223 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/06/13(月) 00:17:15 ID:zGTl2Tvx
Once upon a time there was a cave by the sea.
The cave was called the Cave of Silence.
No sound was heard anywhere near the cave, for it took in every sound inside its walls,
Never to be set free again.
The sounds were abosorbed in the water behind the walls
And the water was filled with voices and music, noise and sound.
The Water of Sounds lay deep beneath the stone surface of the cave,
And if a human being should dare to dig it up,
He would be taken into the pool of sounds, never to arise again.
So it was.
When you are between the waves, beware,
Do not go where the sounds go.

224 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/06/19(日) 22:35:20 ID:frM0XoLe
You're waiting, waiting, round that bend
She's late, she's late, she's late.
You're looking, looking, for a friend
With hate, with hate, with hate.

Along the path you see a tree
Its leaves rotten, awaiting death
Go a bit farther and then you'll see
your friend still waiting, for you, for you.

225 :The Referee:2005/06/24(金) 03:59:50 ID:9cfjXaOz
Please visit the thread below
We need your poetry to make it go

Poetry Bout in English (英語で詩のボクシング)

226 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/09/27(火) 22:14:02 ID:wzk23BME0
waiting for the time to come,
so the shadow will be gone.

yet afraid to make but a sound.
still more nights,
still more days.

227 :名前はいらない:2005/10/03(月) 05:31:57 ID:Scq4X75B
who close to me
kill my friend

I don't want to say
I don't like it
enemy is ugly world is not yours

228 :名前はいらない:2005/10/16(日) 16:12:10 ID:8YNHP8+h
I don't know just where I'm going
I want to

all money in the world

229 :名前はいらない:2005/10/18(火) 11:52:31 ID:wlQ9QPNB
I hate myself and I want to die

all I got are lies

until the end

230 :名前はいらない:2005/10/20(木) 11:29:31 ID:0Ae3j38Q
I read the news today oh boy
about a lucky man who made glace
a cloud people would't stare
the English army just won the war

231 :名前はいらない:2005/10/22(土) 03:26:05 ID:jgovWzjI
You and I gonne live forever

232 :名前はいらない:2005/10/23(日) 00:09:32 ID:t5oW2nmi
You're reciting it wrongly!

233 :名前はいらない:2005/10/26(水) 04:42:39 ID:OPnu+7mA
I haven't read its lyric. I'll read its lyric.
And when I wrote it,I knew I'm writing incorect line.
I just wanted to some words.

234 :名前はいらない:2005/10/26(水) 21:15:06 ID:OPnu+7mA
She'll leave me.
I say she is so beautiful.
I'm sad.

235 : ◆lXZBPVO3GQ :2005/10/26(水) 22:37:15 ID:KLGv5ETw
I've never seen such an useful thread in this rotten assembly.
now, I'm gonna learn to make some pieace of writing like notes in here.

236 :c-lear:2005/10/27(木) 14:08:43 ID:bvg0YzaV
"Ti to vertical direction"

He grins beating the belly.
The nature does going now.

Plump and plump.
challenges and complains !

He becomes length, and it is impossible
Addition me !
Laughs at setting up !

When grinning beating his mother
Precocious teeth were seen for a moment.

237 :名前はいらない:2005/10/28(金) 16:10:45 ID:5oA2DVVG
Cinna,where you are?
Sing it.

238 :名前はいらない:2005/10/28(金) 21:19:17 ID:h9pUuvm7

239 :名前はいらない:2005/10/28(金) 21:44:30 ID:h9pUuvm7
Where you are, you are.
Where you're not, you're not.
You're not!

You''ve got to sing out all that you can
Before all your teeth are rotten and your throat is withered.

But still, a sunken corpse does hear
The songs that flutter in its ear
Deep under water, ringing still,
Through the riffle, hear you will...

Heavenly notes!

240 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/10/28(金) 21:47:42 ID:h9pUuvm7

241 :慎太郎 ◆lXZBPVO3GQ :2005/10/29(土) 08:16:05 ID:2ofApgJ0
climed highest mountain and heard the sing her sung.
there's striped white shadows that are made by clauds from the sun.

the chilly air comes,
squeezes all warmth and lights.
the valley is courted from death,
the sound went out and ground's coverd by shade.

242 :慎太郎 ◆lXZBPVO3GQ :2005/10/29(土) 08:22:54 ID:2ofApgJ0
climbed highest mountain and heard the sing her sung.
there's striped white shadows that are made by clouds from the sun.

the chilly air comes,
squeezes all warmth and lights.
the valley is courted from death,
the sound went out and ground is covered by shade.

(-_- )< . . .

[climb clouds covered]

243 : ◆lXZBPVO3GQ :2005/10/29(土) 08:29:25 ID:2ofApgJ0
climbed highest mountain and heard the sing she sang.

(- - ) < . . .

244 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/10/30(日) 21:39:19 ID:ATvYsGH0
Shiny depth, Luminous doom.
Sat around my tiny room
Lonely crowd, Forgotten news
Came to rest in the dreams of Muse.
For good, for good they'll stay.

245 :シナ ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/10/31(月) 05:45:23 ID:irhY5HLV
So sorry that I murder'd thee.

246 :名前はいらない:2005/10/31(月) 16:56:31 ID:T499rr4B
I need an easy friend
I need an ear to lend
But,I can't see you every night
for free

247 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/11/01(火) 01:23:34 ID:dmbG5eQY
On a plate on this simple table
Are words. Mere words.
You ought to eat them.

248 :名前はいらない:2005/11/05(土) 02:57:05 ID:9qwv0yLr
Sun don't shine
Star don't shine
Fish get drown

249 :名前はいらない:2005/11/11(金) 20:18:45 ID:qCvFqN2x
I've wasted so much time

250 :名前はいらない:2005/11/14(月) 03:07:04 ID:ztvHiH6W
On the free way
You just find nightmare
I cannot sleep
I cannot dream tonight.
As if I'm in prison
I watch all fall down and something comes.
I'm scared

251 :名前はいらない:2005/11/14(月) 05:26:41 ID:ztvHiH6W
Dead comes
He caught me
Blue eyes and Black skin
Cold breath and hair all messed
He says
Sell your soul

252 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/11/15(火) 19:54:32 ID:fTEGwiEW
Sell me tomorrow.

Buy me a soul.

Give to me what you have in mind.

253 :名前はいらない:2005/11/22(火) 05:09:52 ID:G6HcHK1l
I can't escape these feeling
They are rooted deep
They claw They ach
They ruin inside of me

254 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/11/22(火) 23:05:37 ID:Jmah4QZI
Sleeper, sleeper, be my guide
But do not wake; I'm afraid of you.
Sleeper, sleeper, deep inside,
Don't ever tell where you're going to.

Sunken in thy dream
Forced it is to seem
Full of distant scream,
Like the final gleam...

Sleeper, sleeper, stay inside
For ever never make a sound
For all the past has truly died
And buried safe, beneath the ground.

Thy words are an agony of the ground.

255 :名前はいらない:2005/11/22(火) 23:20:39 ID:Jmah4QZI
I hate to admit it, but I am overjoyed that somebody remembers.

256 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/11/24(木) 23:28:49 ID:wqgftvRs
The last time I saw you
you told me you'd lied.
The last day I heard you
you said all was wrong.

The last time I saw you
The world was made of something completely different from what it is now
And now, the righteousness that had prevailed, all the truth that had been earned
Is nothing but a shattered fossil. In silver dust scatterd all around, in the hollow darkness
snowing onto everything and nothing. Why should anybody care now if anything was a lie?
The air is frozen. The shatters keep on scurrying.

257 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/11/24(木) 23:38:41 ID:wqgftvRs
Wonder why, when you write in English,
You tend to come up with saddish verces?

258 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2005/11/26(土) 01:08:17 ID:x6eFqJgO
May the night be soft on you
And may your dreams be gentle.
Speechless, speechless ones,
May you all be in peace.

259 :名前はいらない:2005/12/16(金) 01:38:07 ID:UO/GetFh

260 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2006/01/02(月) 21:34:30 ID:B4LObKus
Cross my road and go beyond,
My friend, go beyond the road.
Enter a park., come across a river.
Drop in to your friends'.
Cross the road as we did before, my friend.

261 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2006/01/05(木) 00:13:28 ID:0VmQHe9D
I'd give anything to hear you sing tonight;
And I say this only because I know I can't.

And still a song is heard, all the while.

Songs of yellow and blue, of light.

262 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2006/01/05(木) 00:15:31 ID:0VmQHe9D
The last words I hear in life
May not be those of mine.

263 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2006/01/06(金) 16:05:16 ID:1OWPNuVm
That an AtoZ does not cover the destination

264 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2006/01/07(土) 00:10:09 ID:5jN8HO80

`The same destination lies in the same direction, and the same distance as yesterday;
I have not proceeded.'

'The destination lies on the very first step I take.'

The second voice comes from nowhere.

'You need to be serious. You need to be determined.'

'You need to be awake.'

265 :名前はいらない:2006/01/08(日) 00:16:17 ID:Vd2+6ZK6

266 : ◆CinnaL4kxA :2006/01/08(日) 00:42:24 ID:vNNPX7KH

267 :名前はいらない:2006/03/04(土) 04:30:32 ID:rUN6Mr5F
I heared a man said
I see


I made a start to 1000 miles
Because “Something tell me
kill you”

268 :名前はいらない:2006/03/15(水) 17:15:36 ID:2hK1THPB
Wind of spring

The room which was mineral matter was the white candle palm which seemed to
disappear, and such you that you said that then you should have protected
it who decided so that the thing which I disappeared, and went to cover was
vain who it was sometime liked it

So that even if time having a long that a day to blow on wind of spring comes
sometime till then disturbs it, it is told is important for you, to thing with
a smile again in when for spring

It began to be broken, and somebody liked such you whom you said to when such
it erased it the curtain that a seed was red sometime with all one's might
a glass wall when the thing which I pulled it and disappeared, and went was

So that because I am still if a wind day to blow of spring does not come much
more and be, and time having a long it should delete it and waits for wind
for spring and does not much still forget you of a smile when important, I
freeze death of a love for spring, and it is told is important for you with
a smile again in when, to thing

269 :名前はいらない:2006/03/15(水) 17:16:22 ID:2hK1THPB
Is alright without hearing anything when exceed it when is long, and trace
it, and wear it, and it finds a new wall to me that you confront a lie big
wall to be long; because but want to do it

Is it a thing forgotten fleetingly impatient for wind of spring?
            Is it a thing left all the time neatly?
               I know now nobody

Because there was you whom it says to even a thing lie for reality for wind
of spring that the thing dreamland which can bathe in a-like thing by two bright
sunlight than whom much all the time on a thing day of happiness is a thing
dream to become reality and wants to believe now, I walk a still invisible
way and can be

270 :名前はいらない:2006/03/17(金) 23:29:53 ID:eb2wT+ws
A morning glow track

The track which I walked with you until morning
I do not seem to become words
Swallow lonesomeness; again
I took the star taciturn earnestly

The track which I walked with you until morning
Before long with blue or an orange
I repaint the night with paint
Warm feelings overflow

The shadow which stands still on the dugout where I am unpleasant, and a bus stops at alone during what time
Rhythm to shed a lot of a stone
I escaped with two Buddhist priests in a hurry

This way forever
Feel like seeming to continue
To an unknown window of the sun
Light is glitter Kira

271 :名前はいらない:2006/03/17(金) 23:30:43 ID:eb2wT+ws
What which begins now is LA LA LA?
It is a usual chime at a bright station
A secret small trip probably
It is the track where it tied you and me to

To the tree which ruptured of a padded vest shirt
The flower which is white while being angry
From a figure blooming as hard as possible
I saw it in the thought that I did not want to forget

It is how many degrees on this way, but
The world of the morning glow is visited
Though I can be sad
In spite of being boyhood and a laughter

This way forever
To a continuing world end
Though I can be sad
Because I do my best, it is good

LA LA LA......

272 :名前はいらない:2006/03/20(月) 23:07:35 ID:5BeSYeSX
Therefore it is everybody

Therefore I am feeble
I tried to look for it in a heart
As for my courage
Even if it all starts it, it is only this

I hold so it, and look for looking
Few courage in a heart
If I match your thing with me
Some courage are sizes

Surely surely I am not feeble if I match a heart of all
Surely I can strongly become everybody
I do not have guts
I have nothing on you who cry
As for my power
A fist is only this even if I grasp it

Because I hold so it, and looking do not mind whether you love it by small power
If I match your thing with me
Some fists size

Surely if match power of all, I am not surely a coward; surely is strong, and it can be it all

273 :名前はいらない:2006/03/24(金) 18:37:41 ID:fxarATVT
A glitter is a shining small star

A glitter is a shining small star
You on earth
Look at ground far below
A diamond empty totally
A glitter is a shining small star
You on earth

A glitter is a shining small star
You on earth
Look at ground far below
A diamond empty totally
A glitter is a shining small star
You on earth

274 :名前はいらない:2006/03/25(土) 10:54:43 ID:YdPYyOtR
Honest LOVE

I am poor at a uniform when I say honestly
I love a uniform
I like glasses more
I can be troubled seriously whether a uniform is fond of whether a girl likes
Are you abnormal?  No, before innocent love is metamorphic YEAH

I am poor at the public when I say honestly
What go down the color of blood when seen
I meet the person whom I am good and open the probably non-non non feeling that
I do not understand whether only which told a honest feeling to a person so
far and cross with a person and injure a person and cross with a person and
am gentle, and want to cross and want to talk with a person
After all a person likes a good uniform, too
A person wearing a uniform likes the first
Bonebonbobonboraranla LOVE YEAH…

275 :名前はいらない:2006/03/28(火) 11:35:16 ID:nYKpJoVT
A child and a child

This child nonchalantly
This child child of any place
This saw of this child
I do not cut a bamboo shoot

The child slowly
A child of there clearing away it
The ax of the child
I do not cut a mushroom, too

276 :名前はいらない:2006/03/28(火) 11:43:15 ID:nYKpJoVT
A black cloud casts a shadow over Orocopyar Mountains

A big date palm
The brown bag which protects fruit

The truck which was loaded with grass
A truck of the orange which was fully loaded with a tire

Clump of trees of a mandarin orange
The ladder which was leaned against the trunk

It was made from a rock of a river
It is still a base of a stone of a building without a roof

Without, in the circumference, anything being burnt
The palm tree that only one of them was burnt

A big lump of a tire of a track becoming fried food on a road

A pipe of the chrome that a boat for motorboat races acquired on a trailer is firm

I dance and fly in the Brice inside

277 :名前はいらない:2006/03/28(火) 16:18:01 ID:nYKpJoVT
Buy a sword as buckling up.
 There is it in Imura Doris.
I am similar yours sincerely and should be isolated by advice,
 Than a devil curse of a mol guru strong; come.
I am similar yours sincerely and should watch a sign,
An evil of Isilduar wakes,
 If a small person should be stirred up.

278 :名前はいらない:2006/03/28(火) 16:28:08 ID:nYKpJoVT
3:30 a.m.

Is that a cock?
Or a woman crying in the distance

The sky where that is black
Or are you going to turn into deep blue?

Is it a motel here?
Or in the house where who it is

The body that I live in this
Or is it the body?

Is it Texas here?
Or is it West Berlin?

By the way
It is what time now

279 :名前はいらない:2006/03/28(火) 16:30:51 ID:nYKpJoVT
With any kind of thought
I may get along well

I want to merely take a rest now
For the heart that nothing thinks of

I want to take a rest with feeling fine
In air space having nothing

With an empty head
Let me depart

It is good once

I do not ask
I do not kneel

It is not a feeling to quarrel

280 :名前はいらない:2006/03/28(火) 16:43:32 ID:nYKpJoVT
A kappa

I swiped a kappa
I swiped a kappa blow hard
I took it and was scattered

I bought kappa greens leaf
I bought one bundle of kappa greens leaf
I won and cut it and ate it

281 :名前はいらない:2006/03/29(水) 10:32:25 ID:dmzzeb6z
I serve that figure of wetlands district river and mountain war people anything comfortable firewood in total revives and enfeoffs in a voice of you mho and does success a little, and it is it to ten thousand and puts my heart and soul into a bone and dies

282 :Metallic 竹輪〔Remodeling〕 ◆o0rnnbHBHo :2006/04/02(日) 22:35:45 ID:W2aX0NfE


the index finger,
your little finger was tied

This is the sign that
I'd like to have sex

Today's woman☆
who doesn't have the little finger
 What should be tied ?
 What should be tied ?

283 :名前はいらない:2006/04/02(日) 23:43:31 ID:Sl3qXIk7
The Lord of the Rings

To King of an elf named the bottom where three rings are empty,
 Seven rings to you of dowarfu of building of a rock,
9 to a child of mortality,
 For a thing of Goza where 1 is dark
In a country of Mordor where a shadow lies.
 A means, one ring find all in all, and, as for one ring, one ring catches all and,
  I tie it with in darkness.
In a country of Mordor where a shadow lies.

284 :名前はいらない:2006/04/02(日) 23:46:23 ID:Sl3qXIk7
To bind water if I do not give it from parental affection if I leave if I crawl and leave

285 :名前はいらない:2006/04/03(月) 13:09:20 ID:URv2xxM4
Do it, and Ryo passes, and sleep, and a crow cannot go; if sleep, and cry, make it hoarse, but make noise again

A son boy
A parent does not cry
Even the moon is merely alone
Because there is it without calling, I sleep

Smile; sleep laughingly
It is anything for a souvenir of a mountain
Anyway useless dog papier-mache
Because I get it, I sleep

286 :メタリック竹輪〔Remodeling〕 ◆o0rnnbHBHo :2006/04/05(水) 04:57:12 ID:0ETgqn1n
 ☆PIANICA and Pianissimo☆

―――I like loneliness
One person AND passion smolder
I'd like to come to☆too
  like a madman
  It seems purely
――I like loneliness

Ruinous I........☆
    I don't say that
    I want you to come to like

―――Because I like loneliness
I'd like to get rapturous
I die sometime☆Now that I was born☆I die sometime
So I'd like to be enthusiastic and die
―――Still I like loneliness

I don't like a pianica  “You can't get rapturous”
I like a pianica “It has not been told yet”

I'd like to talk while sleeping by a bed “Pianissimo”

I like one person
I'm cuddled,
    and, pianica

287 :名前はいらない:2006/04/08(土) 11:05:26 ID:UOrajYdd
Of the life blood which look, and directness passes, and be in love, and is thick in a young girl red lip sweat marsh get cold; in a marsh in the tomorrow's time a thing of a flower potato

288 :名前はいらない:2006/04/08(土) 11:10:56 ID:UOrajYdd
Imagination is stronger than thing Minoru.
A myth is more significant than the history.
A dream is more impressive than existing Minoru.
Hope is always superior to an experience.
Only a laughter heals sorrow.
Love is stronger than death.

289 :名前はいらない:2006/04/08(土) 17:54:30 ID:UOrajYdd
Umnon ezerran, idraw he amumen!
Fen Nasuno Goss rim, last Beth lamb men!

290 :名前はいらない:2006/04/08(土) 17:56:12 ID:UOrajYdd
Sleep, and sleep, and, to a chest of mother, sleep, and sleep; in a hand of mother - -.

291 :名前はいらない:2006/04/09(日) 18:15:10 ID:6f9RQbpf
It said to me whom thus she was terrible, and was discouraged without think
ing that wanted a body of a woman, and was going to jump off a window whom thus
took her to my room with that I whom dubbed it, and inconsolableness of (local stand-in)
bent over her back now, and tightened her of nobody spot adoption left behind
stirred oneself who was an actor of a movie who felt shame suddenly and a ridiculous
dream in this town which wanted to get away from somehow which was had for
here as for me though here performed all of you even as for what could want
photography did somebody and a blow of (the staff) that therefore wanted to
make a racket the end even as for six tablets of white green (barium) and the
white wine (wine) which what she whom I asked because dubbed it, and felt dizzy,
and got drunk on (stand-in) of a star (a star) answered by today, and spirit
to be available somewhere in my town; the life when she said to when think,
and do it whether is a mere worthless movie is not so worthless

292 :名前はいらない:2006/04/10(月) 19:28:47 ID:3LYpLAtI
Eight mi I can try to twist a face of the feeling people who resembled seasickness oddly from ground

293 :名前はいらない:2006/04/10(月) 19:31:01 ID:3LYpLAtI
Ogikubo and a house of mother named a thing of Minoru of a persimmon

294 :名前はいらない:2006/04/11(火) 20:41:49 ID:v7jbprh8
It is working together of a factory commute from Tanzeyama to unpleasant Kiyotakimura
which a line came to to be able to read it which the flower umbrella dance
that all this figure parent and child brothers of a sum comfort dance appear
to a parent of the unpleasant hometown that showed copper refining place first
sight of sum comfort in a cousin shrine and a waterfall rouge cord shade sunlight
at the bride time, and a length (beautifulness beautifulness) bell sound road-horse
man dance the Nikko Highway where a copper train to pile up enters and leaves
if I watch copper refining place, and a house cat guy moved to a pond doing
a senior statesman of the Shogunate Government is hateful, and an unpleasant
whistle scatters

295 :名前はいらない:2006/04/14(金) 18:07:53 ID:0RtImx9f
All the mountains are be yellow to a fool in one side, and a field should value innocence

296 :名前はいらない:2006/04/14(金) 18:33:28 ID:0RtImx9f
Share anything together.
A thing.
Not hitting a person.
Steep the thing which I used to the cause by all means.
I clear it off by oneself if I scatter it.
Not meddling with a thing of a person.
Say that I'm sorry if I injure somebody.
Wash a hand before a meal.
Drain water properly if I go for foot abbreviation (a restroom).
Pickles (a cookie) hot from the oven and cold milk (milk) are good for a body.
In thing - - every day living life that I got balance, I study a little and
picture a little thought, a little picture and sing and dance it and play and
work a little.
I take a nap by all means every day.
I am careful about a car when I appear on the face and tie a hand, and it not
being it separately.
Value a feeling to think of when mysterious. (Styrene)Do not forget the small
seed which I surrounded to a prize cup (a cup). A bud appears from a kind,
and a root grows, and a flower grows. Truly nobody knows why such a thing
is generated. But even a human being is the same.
Even a goldfish and Shigeru product (a hamster) and mice and the small seed
which I surrounded to a prize cup (a cup) of (styrene) die someday. A human
being cannot escape from death, too.
I will remember the words that I learned in a book of the child who made Dick
and Jane a chief character first. Words to have an important meaning above
all. "Look"

297 :名前はいらない:2006/04/14(金) 18:40:19 ID:0RtImx9f
All the money is not the people whom all the roaming people who may not shine hesitate about.
Frost does not reach the deep root that strong, coming do not die though it falls in a year.
Fire revives from ash, and it is light from a shadow.
A broken blade is polished newly, and a person of having no rank will become King again.

298 :名前はいらない:2006/04/14(金) 19:02:37 ID:0RtImx9f
Pattakku, pattakku, action shot (bread) person

Pattakku, pattakku, action shot (bread) person sweet (a cake), a great hurry
I swat it and nudge you, and there be it whether it is a character of B
For an oven (an oven), me and a baby

Pattakku, pattakku, action shot (bread) person sweet (a cake), a great hurry
I swat it and nudge you, and there be it whether it is a character of B
For an oven (an oven), me and a baby

299 :名前はいらない:2006/04/14(金) 19:07:21 ID:0RtImx9f
Get cold, and a hand and a chest and a bone cool off, and it is a sleep under a stone.
Until a stone, the time when Satoshi already dies out, and the moon is wasted.
For black wind, records of wins and losses will die.
Still lie on gold of here then.
The dead sea and the land which died until time.

300 :名前はいらない:2006/04/15(土) 11:21:31 ID:xp0Lgowa
In addition, however, as for him, you, order feeling he bury you in this place
an oral fraud (trickery) teacher, a famous oral fraud (trickery) teacher to
that place where oral fraud (trickery) teacher I let you march with you as
for the oral fraud (trickery) teacher as for him

301 :名前はいらない:2006/04/15(土) 16:07:18 ID:xp0Lgowa
Murder him if it does not call, and it is a grayheaded cuckoo

302 :名前はいらない:2006/04/15(土) 16:08:15 ID:xp0Lgowa
The grayheaded cuckoo which will finish letting you call if you do not call

303 :名前はいらない:2006/04/15(土) 16:09:03 ID:xp0Lgowa
The grayheaded cuckoo which I will wait for till I call if I do not call

304 :Netherbard ◆Eden.2.uso :2006/04/16(日) 00:10:20 ID:4so9ZMvy

"D. N. A."

Law unchanged in Dreamland of Nightmare Age
The fittest to prey, the meek to slave
Heaven kept mute and heedless of their rage
While Death crept in for what He crave. . .
--D. N. A.

One spark of Hell -- and life revised
Purged through memories of dull reality
All lessons learnt, if by time must denied
Hell sparks hope that no eyes can see. . .
--D. N. A.

305 :メタリック竹輪〔Remodeling〕 ◆o0rnnbHBHo :2006/04/16(日) 07:27:04 ID:abWHGJpt

 ミ The moonlight ミ

 You said that the truth was in the month
 You disappeared into the sky at the same time as the month went off

 Though the color of the sky just changed, you disappeared

 I look for the month in the alpenglow
 I look for the star which isn't seen
 I look for the star which should be there


306 :メタリック竹輪〔Remodeling〕 ◆o0rnnbHBHo :2006/04/16(日) 07:40:54 ID:abWHGJpt

 (`ε´ )Circle of an exploded bamboo( ´3`)

 Circle of the bamboo which goes around around

 I'm always waiting for a sparrow
 I want a sweet candy actually

 I'd like to rustle in every day a look actually(^∀^)

307 :大沼ユミ ◆cj4.95aVS6 :2006/04/16(日) 22:46:16 ID:8k8TV4Yh
[anecdote of the jar]
wallace stevence
i placed a jar in tennessee,
and round it was ,upon ahill.
it made the slovenly wilderness
surround that hill.

the wilderness rose up to it,
and sprawled around,no longer wild.
the jar was round upon the ground
and tall and of a port in air.

it took dominion everywhere.
the jar was gray and bare.
it did not give of bird or bush,
like nothing else in tennessee

308 :名前はいらない:2006/04/20(木) 19:25:20 ID:FUXk/8nA
Writing It dances or is one day in the spring of a thing

309 :名前はいらない:2006/04/22(土) 00:19:02 ID:K5fcXlcp
"song of self-love" me -- PIUMIN- one person - - which makes a living today - - M- to curse - to hate and -- - avoided - filled - Toraumacho (this -- waiting) - tomorrow - - which are jealous of - which are jealous of - to envy And - ridiculed

310 :×郎:2006/04/22(土) 00:47:31 ID:ss5cn780
Chinchin no kawa hipparu boku,mousugu 30years old.

311 :メタリック竹輪〔Remodeling〕 ◆o0rnnbHBHo :2006/04/22(土) 22:19:10 ID:Ihui0bs+

                         , ―:;;;;、ノ)                        
                       <ゝ・`:::;;  ヽ. /(ノ)ソ)rヘ、,,,,              
                        ,)     ヽソハ)\)\ヽ)`丶丶、ノ)           
                        (        ',ヽヽ)ヽ\,,ゝ\)"ソ)、ヽ\          
                      (ノ`ヽ,        ;;;;ヽ,,, ノ\)\`)\ゾ、)\、ノ)      
                       (//`ヽ,,,,    丿;;;彡) ヽ)\)`\\)ヽ\,,,\..\,,    
                      (ノ/,,,/ノ (ノ'ヽ爪爪;;;;;;;)  ハ),,,\ヽ,,,`\)ヽ)⌒’"ヽ) 、 
                      /ノ / / /ノ'ヽ、;;;;;;;; ,,,,,ヽヽ (ノ\)ヽ), \)ヽ)\X\)ヽ)
                     (/,/,,/乂,,/(/  (ノ'丿\)`ヘ,,)\ゝ、、ヽ..        `\)
                   ノ,(/(/         し)\\)\,,)`\,,)⌒       
                   (/               (ノ'‘\)\)ハ\,,)

                                        Sparrow that brings wind
                          Sparrow that was hiding oneself in bamboo blade
                                  Sparrow that stayed in my shoulder
                                  Sparrow that is fragrant of bamboo

312 :大沼ユミ ◆cj4.95aVS6 :2006/04/22(土) 23:35:31 ID:GjQaOXBu
[morning at the window] by t.s eliot

they are rattling breakfast plates in basement kitchens,
and along the trampled edges of the street
i am aware of the damp souls of housemaids
sprouting despondently at area gates.

the brown waves of fog toss up to me
twisted faces from the bottom of the street,

and tear from a passer-by with muddy skirts
an aimiless smile that hovers in the air
and vanishes along the level of the roofs

313 :Netherbard ◆Eden.2.uso :2006/04/25(火) 01:13:41 ID:vj3TZWpu

嵐 ひ 忍 空 一 男   花 敵 耐 空 一 男   虹 己 貫 空 一 男
の と び  手 撃 が   咲 に え 手 撃 が   呼 と  く  手 撃 が
手 た 忍 の 必 迷    く 勝 抜 の 必 夢   ぶ 敵 愛 の 必 命
刀 び ん 道 殺 い   蹴 つ  く 心 殺  を   拳 と  と 道  殺 か
が 起 で は は 断   り よ 試 に  閃  こ    が に  ド は  う  け
空 て 忍 押 じ つ    が り 練 先 き  め   空 虹 根 人 な  た
手 る び 忍 け 手   空 己 血 手 と  た   手 か 性 の  っ 拳
道 そ ぬ の て 刀   手 に の な ぶ 蹴   道 け    道  て
  の き 道  と      道 勝 涙 し が り      て       と
  時      ぶ         っ                       ぶ
  は      が         て                       が

      /― 、
     /~     ゛ヽ
     | , 、,、,、_、、丿_
     ;' .i: '`,'"、'"i(/  ̄`>-―--,-、__
   /_/|ゞ 、'"丿,ノ  ( "   i" T ,i i i.i.|
   /| /- -i ' | | -' ̄i―---、i/`-' ' ' '
   |ヽ i 、  : ノノ   ヽ、
  i">_>、ヾi` </__,-―--→―――フ―--,;:-―----、_
  |////)ゞ |-i'", >`'"ノ'"   / ̄  ̄/"`     ,/-ミ;、__
 ,--""―<三―-'’    /" ___ i,       /    `-ヽ ̄` ヽ、
| `i  ̄` ヽ `ヽ<""(        ̄` - 、    |--i          )
.ヽ`     ,->、_   ,; --<" ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄^〜、i/|  ,: '、 )'/ /
  \__、  i_    ゛"   、"               | ,  、_)"/
     \i,;--`ヽ、__     =                  | , ヽ ノ /
             ` ---='                 ノ i_ _) /
                              /  i__ノ

314 :Netherbard ◆Eden.2.uso :2006/04/25(火) 01:16:00 ID:vj3TZWpu

The fist that a man had staked his life
Roares in the air as a lethal blow
Yet the Way of Karate is the Way of Man
With iron love and hell-bent will
Build an arch of rainbow 'tween your foes
'Tis the Way of Karate should always be

The kick that a man had put all his dreams
Flashes in the air as a lethal blow
Yet Karate seeks not the shortest way
Suffer the pain and tears of blood
Conquer yourself than to conquer your foes
'Tis the Way that Karate will always bloom

The hand knife strike breaks dark clouds apart
Cuts through the air as a lethal blow
Yet the path of Karate leads to pain
Bear the burden that is unbearable
And like a storm you shall come back alive
'Tis the Way of Karate will forever be


315 :名前はいらない:2006/04/25(火) 22:15:23 ID:hZJwktcd

It is in cold and is flying. That A broom is taken and it is flying.
A missing child's magician There is also no sound and it is flying.
Fragment of a satellite It is flying aimlessly. From the hand, it got used.
It is flying busily. Electric wave which is not visible It is flying.
It tries to go away in a dream.

316 :名前はいらない:2006/04/25(火) 22:22:42 ID:hZJwktcd
After candy Nerima of a flower

317 :大沼ユミ ◆cj4.95aVS6 :2006/04/25(火) 23:17:52 ID:GvB9Uarm
in may
byjames thomson

the church bells are ringring:
how green the earth,how fresh and fair!
the thrushes are singing:
what rapture but to breathe this air!

the church bells are ringring:

lo,how the river dreameth there!
the thrushes are ringring:
green flames wave lightly everywhere!

the church bells are ringring:
how all the world breathes praise and prayer!
the thrushes are singing:
what sabbath peace doth trance the air!

318 :! softbank219015212211.bbtec.net:2006/04/26(水) 21:02:45 ID:khXivgnL

319 :名前はいらない:2006/04/27(木) 21:24:19 ID:bohLnEbG


320 :大沼ユミ ◆cj4.95aVS6 :2006/04/29(土) 21:08:07 ID:P2fSzIlu
bytheodore roethke

stick-in-a-drowse doroopover sugary loam,
their intricate stem-furdries;
but still the delicate slips keep coaxing up water;
the small cells bulge;

one nub of growth
nudges a sand-crumb loose,

pokes through a musty sheath
its pale tendrilous horn.

321 :Netherbard ◆Eden.2.uso :2006/06/12(月) 01:30:55 ID:ngZ56Nfh

"Love and Hate"



322 :名前はいらない:2006/10/18(水) 23:19:52 ID:uiwCIFbd

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